Top 5 Free Cold Email Software To Get Responses

5 free tools to write cold emails that get responses

With rising costs of Facebook ads, tighter laws around retargeted ads, and tougher competition in SEO ranking - cold emails are a great way to boost sales for your SaaS business. However, to design cold emails that get responses you need a strong framework for higher deliverability and response rates.

1: Wordtune - Re-frame sentences using AI

Wordtune has a really cool AI feature that can rename sentences using machine learning. Once you’ve created an email template, you can use AI to rewrite the same email into another, more effective one. With Wordtune, you’ll see the rewritten version as you type, keeping you on track and making it easy to change words if need be. It's a handy Chrome extension like Grammarly that allows cold mailers to get higher open and response rates without being Shakespeare.

2: - Test & Preview Emails, Subject Lines on various devices. is a inbox preview tool that lets you test and preview your emails on mobiles, tablets, PC, and more. It allows you to see where your subject line gets cut off, and how your email gets read from the notification bar of smartphones.

This will help you understand your audience's behavior and what they respond to the most. With this data, you can create templates that appeal to your customers and get more orders. Email testing is crucial since a staggering number of people openly admitted to reading most of the emails from the lockscreen or notification bar.

3. Hubspot Email Signature Tool - Add credibility and contact information to your emails.

Email signatures have been around for years, and it's been that way for a reason. They add easy ways for your prospects to verify the authenticity of your service or product. They also allow prospects to visit your landing page, or contact you on other mediums like Linkedin.

A prospect is much more likely to engage with you if you have mutual connections or higher social proof.

4. Vidyard - Add a personality to your cold emails.

Vidyard is a great tool to improve your cold email conversion. You can add videos to your emails to provide more depth on your product and give prospects a reason to attend your webinar or give you a meeting. Vidyard claims that companies like get 5X higher response rates when adding videos to their cold emails.

I cannot stress the importance of video enough, with me personally achieving 80%+ open rates and 40%+ reply rates. The con of this approach is it's hard to scale since it takes a lot of time.

5. Apollo - Verify emails, track email opens & add cold email sequences. is a sales tool that lets you track email opens and optimize your email sequences in one place. This is a great way to double-check your deliverability with our email testing chrome extension and check how people are opening your emails. You can also add cold email sequences to create automated orders and boost open rates.

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