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The Story behind Inbox PiratesSitting down with a good friend of mine who works as a digital marketer, I noticed he sent an email campaign to himself. When asked, he responded that most people don't open emails or even the inbox. They decide whether or not to click on it only from the notification bar.

This got me thinking of another time, where a friend of a friend missed the opportunity to join a reputed firm because he assumed the offer letter was a marketing email when the notification popped up while he was playing PUBG - a mobile game.

When that incident happened, we just laughed about it - but when co-relating them - one thing was clear. Even with the advent of several communication tools like Slack, Whatsapp, and Linkedin - Email was still the preferred choice for formal introductions or partnerships.

I started seeing the potential of email marketing campaigns and cold emails bringing in millions of dollars in revenue.

I had quit my full-time job to work on Crewcharge and realised I need this feature inside of it since it helped send marketing emails. To my surprise, not a single email tool focused on the notification bar.

Since Crewcharge already had several use cases I decided to split out the email testing feature into a separate product.

I am grateful that I found the potential of email and I decided this is the place I want to be. This is the problem I want to solve and I'm not backing down.
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