Litmus Email Testing - Top Alternatives + Comparison

Email testing is a great way to improve email deliverability and email open rates because it helps us avoid the egocentric bias when designing emails.

1. Inbox Pirates by Crewcharge is a email preview tool. It comes as a chrome extension to preview your emails on various email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more. It supports popular devices like the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, and popular apps like Gmail on Android and Apple mail on iPhone.

Inbox pirates also has integrations with popular email marketing tools like Hubspot, Gmail, Sendinblue and sales tools like

Features of Inbox Pirates

Inbox Pirates - The Email Preview Tool for Serious Marketers
  • Preview where the subject line gets cut off in email devices
  • Preview how the email looks when stacked up against 10 other emails in your inbox.
  • Test HTML Email on several devices and email clients.
  • Test the responsiveness of html emails in smaller devices.
  • Inbox preview of how the email looks and where the email gets cut off in several email clients.

Pros of Inboxpirates as Litmus Email Testing Alternative

  • Notification bar testing (Exclusive)
  • Email preview-text testing & inbox preview testing
  • 14-day free trial (no credit card needed)

Cons of Inboxpirates as Litmus Email Testing Alternative

  • Missing dark mode testing (planned in roadmap)
  • No inbuilt email builder
  • No Outlook Desktop

Who is InboxPirates for?

Inbox Pirates Email Client Testing

Inboxpirates is a great tool for early stage and mid-level product marketing and sales teams that use email as a channel looking for an affordable inbox preview tool.

Pricing of Inboxpirates as Litmus Email Testing Alternative comes with a minimal $4.99 plan with a free trial to get started, and has pay-as-you go pricing.

2. Email on Acid by Sinch

Email on acid is an email pre-deployment checklist and a configurable part of your email marketing workflow, from accessibility checks to email previews

Features of Email on Acid

  • Create and build emails from within platform
  • White labeled feature previews.
  • Integration with popular ESPs

Pros of Email on Acid

  • Has intuitive builder for emails.
  • Content checklist for your email.
  • Inbuilt spell check.

Cons of Email on Acid

  • Screenshots of certain email clients take really long times.
  • Lack of browser extension for easy integration.
  • No free plan, and requires credit card before trying the product.

Who is Email on Acid For?

Email On Acid is a great fit for mid-staged and SMB+ startups that can spend 100–200$ on email testing software.

Email on Acid Pricing

As mentioned already, there's no free plan for Email on Acid, and their pricing starts with $74 as of June 2022.

3. Email Previewer Tool is a software that can send you instant email preview screenshots of 114 email clients in a few seconds.

Features of

  • Preview email before sending on 114+ email clients.
  • HTML Editor for re-generating previews.
  • Chrome extension is available for intuitive testing. Pros

  • Comes with a free plan, no credit card required.
  • Support for Apple devices like iPhone XS, iPhone 13, iPad and more.
  • Mailchimp integration Cons

  • Lack of Integration options with popular ESPs apart from Mailchimp.
  • Lack of API for users.
  • Lack of Email Analytics or pre-deployment checklists.

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